Mango Vanilla massage candle – Kitty Stryker

The Mango Vanilla massage candle is a scented candle from Babeland’s Body Massage Candle collection made with Soy wax, shea butter, and fragrance. Once lit these soy wax candles melt into a massage oil.

Here is a snippet from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Babeland Mango Vanilla massage candle:
“I personally like leaving it lit while I pour, but you don’t have to. The wax was nicely warm, but not hot, even at that close range, so I would suggest this as a possible way to explore kink with a partner who isn’t sure about it yet. A little light bondage, a warm sensual massage… sounds like a good night to me! I found the glass container to be easy to manage, a good shape for pouring, and certainly discreet.”

Read the full review here.

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