Smashing Pumpkin Body Candle – Bean Fiddler

The Smashing Pumpkin Earthly Body Candle is designed to be a candle, warm massage oil, and moisturizer all in one. This pumpkin spice scented massage candle is made with natural oils and is petroleum free.

Here is an excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Earthly body 3 in 1 candle – 6.8 oz silver tin smashing pumpkin:
“These oils all burn at a low temperature so there is no need to worry about burning yourself with the hot oil. I love the warmth of the wax as it goes on hot and liquidy. It feels toasty and soothing, like good comfort food. The oil goes on feeling thick and waxy but rubs in feeling creamy and soft. At first I thought it would be too heavy but it is not. It leaves my skin smooth and moisturized with no residue on my hands or stickiness on my skin.”

Read the full review here.

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