Blacksilk – Certified Real

Blacksilk is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Blacksilk originally got involved with sex toy reviewing back in 2009 after contacted her to see if she would like to review toys from their online store.
Since then Blacksilk has learned a lot and become much more knowledgeable about sex toys and the art of writing reviews.
Nowadays Blacksilk says she does toy reviews not only to try new toys, but to help people make decisions on what to buy for themselves as well as to try and encourage companies to make better quality toys.
As an example she states that she is highly against Jelly rubber toys.

Blacksilk’s blog ‘Blacksilk’s Boudoir‘ is not just sex toy reviews.
When she originally started her blog is was to be a place to talk about her sex life and the exploration of of her sexuality. Since then ‘Blacksilk’s Boudoir‘ has grown to not only encompasses those things, but also to includes erotic fiction, personal photos and drawings, some rants about sexuality and its representation in society and, of course, sex toy reviews.

Blacksilk describes herself as a mid-twenties graduate who is kinky, bisexual and geeky and fairly opinionated to boot. She says that she loves sex and all that goes with it, from the hot and sensual to the weird,  and sometimes even a little icky. She also says that she finds it a wonderfully interesting and an incredibly deep topic.
“I’d like the world to be a little bit more like me, sexually open, keen to explore and not afraid to show it.”

Besides her blog, you can also find Blacksilk on Facebook, check out her NSFW Tumblr, and follow her on Twitter.

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