The People’s Choice Awards Results

The results are in!
The People’s Choice Sex Toy Reviewers Award Winners For 2011

The People's Choice Sex Toy Reviewers Award Winners For 2011

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Hosting a sex toy reviewers awards has been both fun and educating for us here at Real Sex Toy Reviews.
The amount of votes that came in was a surprise and even a bit overwhelming,  but we got them sorted out.
The awards page is located here.

Here is a quick rundown of what the people said…

The Elucidator Award for 2011 was given to Bean Fiddler!
She is Beanfiddler, hear her roar.
Congratulations Bean Fiddler. The people have spoken.
Both the Sex Positive Award The Affinity For Jocosity Award for 2011 went to Kitty Stryker!
It may sound funny, but we hadn’t even considered a reviewer winning in two categories until the votes started piling up.
Kitty is a Domme, an escort, a Burner, a queer, and a bookworm. She is also obviously very sex positive and has a sense of humor in her writing to win these two awards.
Congratulations Kitty Stryker. The people have spoken.
The Sharing Is Caring Award is given to True Pleasures!
The sex toy reviewer that brings us Tentacle Tuesday is our Sharing is caring winner. True pleasures is also one of the most prolific reviewers we know of and never fails to pump out great reviews on a regular basis.
Congratulations True Pleasures. The people have spoken.
The Risque Reviewer Award is given to Karen Blue!
Karen is a swinger who blogs about her adventures besides reviewing sex toys on her site. If you are interested in a glimpse into the swinging lifestyle along with your reviews of adult products she is the one to see.
Congratulations Karen Blue. The people have spoken.
The Reader’s Write In Award is given to Alan and Michele!
Another thing we hadn’t considered was that a couple would win an award.
Alan & Michele review as a team, and only one of us here at RSTR even knew of their site before the votes started coming in for them.
Congratulations Alan and Michele. The people have spoken.

Thank you to everyone who helped promote our awards and to everyone who voted.

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View the awards page HERE!

The People’s choice awards idea came about because we here at RSTR thought giving out some web awards would be fun, but also wanted to remain impartial. We thought letting readers of the website, and readers of the reviewers themselves vote on it would be fun.
The criteria to be up for an award was based on the amount of participation/activity of the reviewer with our site. (exception being the Reader’s  Write In Award)
We chose that method because it allowed us to include all active reviewers without losing our position of remaining impartial.

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