Lelo Clean Spray – Karen Blue

LELO’s Antibacterial Cleaning Spray is a pH balanced formula designed to clean sex toys that contains active anti-microbial ingredients to kill germs.

Lelo Antibacterial Clean Spray

Here is an excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Lelo Antibacterial Clean Spray:
“Obviously, if you have a big mess of cum, blood, or lube on your toys you are gonna wanna wipe them down first. The bottle warns not to get it in your eyes or swallow it, (really…don’t drink this toy cleaner! Who would want to?). This cleaner contains anti-viral and anti-fungal ingredients. I know you are probably wondering why anti-fungal would be important. If you store your toys when they are damp in a dark place they are really susceptible to fungus…ewww!”

Read the full review here.

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