Sliquid Organics Natural – Midnight Boudoir

Sliquid organics natural water based lubricant is a general purpose lube that is free of petroleum, glycerin, and parabens. This lube is infused with botanical extracts and designed keep your most intimate areas soft and moisturized, while healing and soothing your skin.

sliquid h2o

Here is a snippet from Midnight Boudoir’s review of Sliquid organics natural water based lubricant:
“I bought this one for us to use as Im an eczema sufferer and allergic to almost every cream and lotion available and I can only use prescription creams for my face and body; so I was obviously concerned about choosing a good lube; I was really worried about using it down there…eeep!
The amount of times I have often hesitated before lathering lots of lube on myself; then minutes late feeling the familiar burning and itching involving rushing off to shower as fast as I can.”

Read the full review here.

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