Sassy – Certified Real

Sassy is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Reviews of sex toys and aids to help spice up your sex life.

Sassy is relatively new to reviewing sex toys as is her blog (Sassys’ Sex Toy Reviews) new to the Internet.
Sassy says that she began reviewing sex toys because she realized that there weren’t that many blogs dedicated to sex toy reviews and that many of the blogs she found seemed somewhat unreliable.
In her own words…
“Most of the reviews I found were somewhat unreliable so the blog was a good way to put across honest opinions from an everyday housewife rather than a company trying to sell you the product.”

Sassy says that she enjoys doing sex toy reviews because she believes there are others just like herself who like to research a product before buying it and value the ‘real’ opinions of others.

Sassys’ Sex Toy Reviews is strictly a sex toy reviews site without fluff.

Sassy is a mother of two children, straight, and calls herself a “regular housewife.” She has had the same partner for over 18 years and says that they are extremely comfortable with each other and more than willing to explore.

About her reviews Sassy says:
“My reviews are based on personal, honest opinions after having tried the products for myself. I love sex, love toys and love to shout about it…what more can I say!”

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