Winston’s Tail – True Pleasures

Winston’s Tail is a unique silicone dildo from Bad Dragon Enterprises that is designed to resemble the end of a dragons tail. This textured dildo is curved, and rapidly tapers from a thick base to a pointed tip. It is available in multiple sizes, color combinations, and levels of firmness.

winstons tail silicone dragon tail dildo

Here is a short snippet from True Pleasures review of Winston’s Tail:
“Since I chose my Winston’s Tail in the medium (5) firmness, it’s soft without being floppy. I can easily bend it, and the tip isn’t pokey at all. Jabbing pointy toys at your cervix can be very uncomfortable, but the tip on mine is soft and gentle. I have no issues with it bending, while trying to insert it vaginally, but I do have to steady the tip a bit, when inserting it anally.”

Read the full review here.

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