TENGA Egg Silky – Inferno

The TENGA Egg Silky is one of multiple texture styles offered in the Tenga Egg masturbation sleeves line. The Tenga Egg is a disposable male masturbation sleeve made of silicone that comes packaged in a a plastic container in the shape of an egg. A small packet of lube is also included inside each egg container.

Here is a small excerpt Inferno’s review of the TENGA Egg Silky:
“Though designed as a throw away type disposable product I know that many men wash them and use them repeatedly before tossing them out.
I have not heard of any problems from doing so, and if the plan was to masturbate multiple times in a one day period I would certainly recommend washing the sleeve between uses and seeing how many times you can go.”

Read the full review here.

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