Silverdrop – Certified Real

Silverdrop is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Silverdrop began doing sex toy reviews in January 2011 for , and says she was delighted when she first started getting test products to review.
Since then she has branched out and now does reviews for other online sex toy retailers as well.
Silverdrop’s primary reason for becoming a reviewer of sex toys in the first place was to get get the free products, and that still remains her primary motivation.
The reviews she writes on her blog Silverdrop’s Toybox, and on the the various sites she reviews for reflect Silverdrop’s ideas of a what a good sex toy review should be.
Silverdrop says she tries to be as thorough and honest as possible withe every review.
She says it is very important to her to both provide valuable content to the sex positive retailers that she works with, and to assist shoppers in making the best decision they can for their toy purchases.

When asked about herself Silverdrop says that she is a forty something, straight-ish woman with a live in boyfriend.
She is into BDSM, gender play, and finds transsexuals “hot as hell,” and loves to masturbate.
Silverdrop also says that she believes the world would be a better place if everyone could masturbate as often as they liked and feel no shame.

Besides sex toy reviews you will also find articles and personal thoughts related to sexuality on Silverdrop’s site.

Silverdrop is also on Twitter.

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