Nuts4Belle – Certified Real

Nuts4belle and Key4belle are Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewers.

Sex toy reviews from a couple exploring male chastity.

Nuts4belle and Key4belle (aka Jnuts and Belle) began doing sex toy reviews this year because they already spent a good amount of time talking about their sex toys on their blog (Nuts 4 Belle), but wanted to get a bit more in depth about the toys themselves.
The solution was to create a dedicated site (Nuts 4 Toys) just to talk about and review the sex toys they try out.
Where Nuts 4 Belle documents their journey of introducing male chastity into their relationship. Nuts 4 Toys keeps the focus on the sex toys.

The bulk of the reviews are written from the perspective of Jnuts with Belle’s opinions of the products giving a nice female perspective to compliment the male viewpoint.

About the primary subject of their blogs (male chastity) Jnuts says this:
“My wife and I practice Male Chastity. A lot of what you will see
online about male chastity is pretty extreme. Hardcore bondage,
Domme/Sub relationships, sissy-maids. We don’t do any of that. We were
pretty vanilla when we started male chastity, and the reason we
started it was because my sex drive was a lot higher than hers and we
figured this would harness my sexual energy and help me focus on the
times that we have sex instead of masturbating all the time. Chastity
has given us that and so much more. We have become a lot closer and
have been able to explore each other sexually.”

Besides checking out their blogs, you may also follow Jnuts & Belle’s newly created twitter account.

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