Midnight Boudoir – Certified Real

Midnight Boudoir is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Sex Toy reviews from a Bi-sexual sadomasochist Rock Chick!

Midnight Boudoir (aka Midnight Blondi)has been collecting and using sex toys for over 20 years and claims that through the use of sex toys she has learned much about her own body. Her desire to share knowledge, and a passion for writing since her teens lead her towards sex toy reviewing, and her blog Midnight Boudoir.

She tells us that along with her boyfriend of close to 25 years, she enjoys experimenting with new toys, and since they are very playful the toys are always pushed to their limits.
Besides just playing with the toys she reviews, Midnight also tries to keep up to date with the ever changing world of products.
She says she is always researching to keep herself updated on the latest sex toys and materials so she can give the best advice possible, and back up her reviews in a fun, educational, and honest way.

About the toys and reviews on her site she says this:
“I genuinely get excited when I get a new toy and cant wait to share any information about it and I always add my own photos detailing the products to help with my explanations; plus add comparisons between similar products to help you choose. The primary purpose of my site is to guide people in the right direction for the right product to suit them.”

She also says:
“Sex toys can be a world of confusion so I write my reviews as though you were relaxing, feet up on my sofa having a coffee and cake and having a girly laugh about the latest toys; and how and why they may work for you.”

To her readers she would like to say:
“I hope my reviews will help you choose the correct toys or lingerie,
books, lotions and potions, games and DVD’s for you to improve your
sex-life like it has improved mine. I feel a new woman and I would
love to make others feel that confidence that I feel!”

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  1. Thank you so much; I look forward to writing many more reviews! :-)