Athena – Nymphomaniac Ness

Athena is smooth, curved, double ended, glass dildo from Luxotiq. The Athena is approximately nine and half inches in length, is rigid, and can be used for G-spot stimulation.

athena dildo

Here is a small portion of what Nymphomaniac Ness has to say in her review of the Athena double ended glass dildo:
“The Athena is a great toy when in use, whether you want to use the thinner end as an A-spot stimulator during foreplay, or if you wish to use the wider end for firmer and stronger G-spot massaging. The toy is very easy to interest without additional lubrication, if you have difficulty inserting the wider girthed end you can easily switch the toy round and use the thinner end until your body is more aroused.”

Read the full review here.

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