Toxycat – Certified Real

Toxycat is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Toxycat has been a sex toy reviewer for quite some time and has become a trusted reviewer for many companies.
She is also an active member of several sex-toy online forums, and is a moderator on two of them.

Her blog ‘Toxylicious XXX‘ which is dedicated to reviews and updates regarding adults toys, lingerie and sexual health products came about last year as a follow on to her reviews on company sites and her involvement in the forums.

Toxycat says she strives to provide honest reviews on her blog that are both detailed and informative.
She also says:
“I’m happy and open to talk about most things, and most of all enjoy reviewing!!”

Besides her blog, you can get in touch with Toxycat on flup, and you can follow her via her Twitter.

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