Babeland Nubby G – Jennifer

The Babeland Nubby G is a small, 4-1/2″ long, vibrator made with thermoplastic rubber that features a curved tip designed for G-spot stimulation and a ring with ‘nubs’ around the shaft designed to stimulate the outer portion of the vagina and the anus. This vibrator is available only through Babeland.

Here is a short excerpt from Jennifer’s review of the Babeland Nubby G Vibe:
“Add just a touch of vibration thanks to the multi-speed dial on the bottom, and you’ve got more variation with the Nubby G than with just about any other vibrating toy I’ve tried. The size of the Nubby G is, for lack of a better word, perfect for my body when I want pinpoint stimulation.”

Read the full review here.

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