Crackers the Cockatrice – True Pleasures

Crackers the Cockatrice is a unique dildo from Bad Dragon. A picture is worth a thousand words in this case, so luckily we have one to show you as provided by True Pleasures. This silicone dildo is available with all of Bad Dragon’s standard options, which include split firmness, suction cup at base, a cum tube, and multiple color variations.

crackers via true pleasures

Here is an excerpt from True Pleasures review of Crackers the Cockatrice:
“As you can see, there’s a good bulge around the upper part of the shaft. This is actually another thing about the Cockatrice, besides the coloring, that peeked my interest. I’m already used to something like this, and I love it. Take away the ridges, bumps, scales, and humanize the head and you’ve pretty much got my husband. It’s a nice stretch, and slims towards the base, which gives me that full feeling that I’m accustomed to.”

Read the full review here.
Also included with the review is a brief explanation of what a Cockatrice is and some comparisons to other Bad Dragon silicone dildos.

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