Thrusting Rabbit – Naked In High Heels

The Thrusting Rabbit is a multi speed and multi function rabbit styled vibrator that features a vibrating head that thrusts up and down, four rows of moving metal beads within the shaft, and vibrating rabbit ears.

Here is an excerpt from the Naked In High Heels review of the Thrusting Rabbit:
“Lying naked and comfy on the bed I started with the ears. I just held them on my clit and pleasured myself. Mmmmh amazing, such a powerful buzz. The first two settings start off with a powerful pulsating buzz. My breath was taken straight away and I could feel my pussy ooze with juices. I could of stayed like that but I had to see just how high this thing would go. Well Fuck Me! I came within minutes.”

She also says this about the Thrusting Rabbit:
“There are other rabbits out there, I even have the Rampant Rabbit, but the ears on Thrusting Rabbit are just far more powerful and the rhythm that they buzz sent me over the edge with such intensity.”

Read the full review here.
There is also a video link showing the vibrator in use.

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