Teagan Shepard – Certified Real

Teagan Shepard is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Teagan Shepard started doing sex toy reviews as part of her mission to be pro-long-term monogamous relationships and to help provide encouragement to work through issues on my blog. Teagan finds that her readers enjoy the products as much as the advice.
On her site ( #UpL8 w/ @TeaganShepard ) Teagan says she enjoys being of assistance or amusement any way she can, and welcomes your questions.

Teagan is a happily married woman with a toddler. She says that she has been through her share of marriage troubles, and she feels like her experiences are worth sharing:
As Teagan says it… “we took the hard road not the ‘easy way out’ and it’s so worth it.”

Teagan identifies herself as a sex-positive Christian.

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