The Nymphomaniac Ness – Certified Real

The Nymphomaniac Ness is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

The Nymphomaniac Ness started writing reviews May 2010 on Lovehoney.
She says she has always been interested in sex and since a young age wanted to help others have a better understanding of sex.
The desire to help others have a better understanding of sex has also led her to working part time on getting a psychology degree. Once finished with her degree she hopes to continue into the world of sex therapy, sexology, or something similar.
The Nymphomaniac Ness likes to give people reviews to read that are honest, and she says she doesn’t write about anything that she hasn’t tried out herself unless otherwise stated. The Nymphomaniac Ness feels that sometimes trial and error is a big element within choosing sex toys and she hopes that her opinions and experiences will assist other when choosing toys.

About the content of her blog ‘Note’s From the Nymphomaniac Ness‘ she says:
“Not only do I study sex within psychology I dive into its history and science; at times I may write small little blogs about this information. ”
She also says:
“My blog is also somewhere I am able to write about my current sexual habits whether things are going slow and boring or fast and exciting, I like to write about what’s going on in real life.”

Besides her blog, you can also keep up to date with The Nymphomaniac Ness via her Facebook page.

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