Karen Blue – Certified Real

Karen Blue is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Karen Blue began doing sex toy reviews when she was approached by EdenFantasys to do reviews for them on her popular sex blog KissinBlueKaren.
Karen says that she was immediately hooked on doing reviews and sought out Good Vibrations and Babeland to review products for them. Karen also does reviews for shevibe, and was recently accepted into the California Exotics SexPert program as well.
Karen Blue says she primarily does reviews to help the consumer learn about new products and how they can enhance their sex life. She also says that she doesn’t mind trying out a product that isn’t so hot, just so she can warn someone about it. Luckily though she claims that she has not found too many products that she didn’t love.
Karen has her own branded online sex toy store called BlueSwing Store in partnership with EdenFantasys.

Besides sex toy reviews you will find a lot of personal information and sexual adventures on Karen’s blog.
Karen Blue is a swinger in a long term committed relationship, and has a very
open lifestyle. She started her website as a way to have a place to talk
about her experiences and she says that over time it has evolved into something she is very proud of.
Karen says that she is a professional nurse in her vanilla life (NOTE: Vanilla is a term swingers use for non swingers and non swinging related situations or activities) and has 4 children.
She is also the founder of BlueSwing group on a swinger dating site and has over 200 members that she coordinates events for. Karen says she loves hosting swingers parties, and that she is very out-going and enjoys meeting new people.

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