G-Brush – Nymphomaniac Ness

G-Brush Ceramic Dildo from Duncan Charles Designs who specialize in handcrafted ceramic adult toys. The G-Brush is rigid, non-porous, smooth, and designed with G-spot stimulation in mind.

Here is a tidbit from Nymphomaniac Ness’s review of the G-Brush Ceramic Dildo:
“The toy is coated with a black glaze; it is also available in red or white. After inspection I was happy to find that there were no imperfections on the glaze, meaning that my toy was safe to use. There is only one problem I have with this toy and that’s how easy fingerprints show up after handling. The ceramic toy isn’t as cold as glass or metal, but is still colder than a silicone or plastic toy.”

Read the full review here.

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