Pocket RockettZ on first time vibrator selection

Are you ready to get your buzz on?
By Pocket RockettZ

So you are ready to get your buzz on and don’t know what kind of vibe to get.
That is an easy one. Get a pocket rocket!
Most women orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than penetration so it just makes sense to go for a clitty vibe.
In my opinion there is absolutely nothing that can compare to a good pocket rocket.
Most pocket rocket vibes are simple, small, one speed things with tons of power. You can get them in many color combinations and even with cool print patterns.
I’m into fun colors and cuteness, so pink is right up my alley. This Pocket Rocket Vibrator is my style.
The main reason I love pocket rockets besides their simplicity and power is that I can easily take them with me anyplace I like, and if they run low on batteries almost every pocket rocket made runs on a single AA battery. Small, powerful vibrators rule.
I have tried various bullet vibes, but they get to slick from lube and are not as easy to hold onto.
Also, they always take a friggin watch battery. Watch batteries are expensive, pain in the ass batteries that you can’t usually find at 2:30 am at a convenience store. Give me a vibe that runs on double A’s any day.
If you would like to know more about my love of pocket rockets you can read my post about  how I became addicted to pocket rockets on my blog.

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