Nitebyrd on first time vibrator selection

Nitebyrd tells why when asked to recommend a first vibrator for women the  Rabbit is what comes to mind.

My very first vibrator was The Rabbit. Yes, it was because of “Sex and The City”. My knowledge of vibrators, dildos, bullets, etc. could fit in a thimble. When thinking about what I would recommend to someone who was looking for their first vibrator, I went through my now extensive collection but always came back to The Rabbit.

What I like about The Rabbit is that it’s basic. It’s not so large as to be intimidating but not so small that it’s not going to do the job. The controls are easy to operate and it gives you vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously or individually. The slide controls also allow a huge variety of vibrations. A newbie can experiment for a long time finding which combination works best for her. The Rabbit is also not terribly noisy and it has that cute little bunny to make it even more friendly! The circumference is 1.50” and the insertable length is 4.50”, so it’s a perfect size, in my opinion.

BABELAND sells The Rabbit which is latex and phthalate free. Definitely something to look for when buying a vibrator. Also remember to buy lubrication. Babeland has a large selection. I’d recommend BabeLube Natural. It’s water-based made with great botanicals and mostly organic ingredients. You’ll also want to get a good supply of AA batteries. The Rabbit uses three. Once you experience what The Rabbit can do, you’ll be very disappointed if you’re ready for some fun and your Rabbit isn’t!
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