Miranda on first time vibrator selection

Miranda tells us why she considers simple and classic the way to go when it comes to first time vibrator selection.

When considering a first vibrator my advice is to go with simple.
If you have no idea at all what type of vibrator you may be wanting the best choice in my opinion is to get the tried and true classic style vibrator (AKA the Slimline Vibe) that has been around since the beginning.
They are not to big, not to small, carry vibrations well, clean up easy, don’t cost a fortune, and get the job done. You will get no fancy bells and whistles with these types of vibrators, but they will help you see stars by giving you some wonderful pleasure.
When it comes to the classic styled vibrator the old saying of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” is so true.
There is a reason they have been making these things for ever, and they will continue to do so.
My favorite are the sleek silver ones just because I like the chrome look, but visual appeal is of course going to be different for everyone.
Slimline Vibrator at Babeland.

For those of you who are wishing a bit of a smaller vibrator for reasons of being able to hide it easily, storage reasons, or maybe even for travel, my recommendation is very different than the traditional styled Slimline vibrator.
It is the Rebel Toyfriend. This vibrator is small, quite, made with easy to clean silicone, and designed in a way to work as both an amazing clitoral vibrator, and also a G-spotter. Simple push button controls, velvety soft, and just downright wonderful, the Rebel Toyfriend is a perfect first time vibrator for those who wish something small that can do it all.
Toyfriend Mini collection at Babeland.

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