Mistress Kay on first time vibrator selection

Mistress Kay tells why the Intimate Basics Siena would be her top recommendation as a first time vibrator for a woman.

If I was going to recommend only one vibrator to a first-time user, I would
highly recommend the Intimate Basics Siena. It takes C batteries which is a
bit untraditional, but it’s a very affordable vibrator that is extremely
strong. However, the lower settings will work for those who don’t want
stronger vibrations. It’s plastic, so it’s body-safe, and we’ve had no
issues with the vibrator being glitchy or having problems. It has lasted us
a long time, is pretty quiet, and it’s very easy to control and use. It’s a
little too large and hard to be meant for insertion, but it does its
vibrating job wonderfully.
It’s definitely exactly what I would recommend to
someone who wants their first vibrator.
Intimate basics siena– traditional vibrator

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