Domina Doll on first time vibrator selection

Pocket Rockets: The Best Vibrator for Beginners
By Domina Doll

I have owned at least ten pocket rockets over the years.  I recommend
Pocket Rockets for women who are buying a vibe for the first time for several
reasons.  The Original Pocket Rocket by Doc Johnson is the best selling mini vibrator in the world. It looks like a mini pocket flashlight and is very discrete, affordable (most under $10) and simple to use.  The “original” is such an amazing vibrator that every manufacturer that makes vibrators has come out with their own style (nearly identical to the first) in some form or fashion, including Jimmyjane who creates luxury designer sex toys, which they have called the “Iconic Pocket” that retails for $28-$40 USD.  Unless you can afford to
splurge, or are looking for a more novelty type Rocket, like the cute Hello
Kitty, I recommend buying a Doc Johnson type Pocket Rocket as they made them first and still make them the best.

Basic pocket rockets are one speed only, which is usually enough power for a
younger woman.  Older women may need a bit more ooomph, so they might want
to choose a multi-speed rocket like the Pocket Rocket Plus that is 3 speed and
a sure bet for a great clitoral vibe, or the Pocket Rocket Booster which has a
plug-in control box and has 10 speeds.  I recommend the Pocket Rocket Plus
for everyone as they are both a great starter vibes and one you can grow with
as well.  They are a bit more expensive (about $30) but worth the
investment IMHO, because sometimes you just want/need that extra bit of power.

All Pocket Rockets feature a nubbed head with 3 metal nubs spread out around
a circular head.  These three nubs are perfectly positioned to fit around
the clitoris at three various angles, giving you amazing clitoral stimulation
from the sides/top rather than direct stimulation.  Also, I should mention
that the vibrations on this great little toy are targeted to the tip, which is
where you want them (obviously) not on your hand.

There are probably 100’s of Pocket Rockets
on the market, one for every style, power preference and design.  So, if
you are buying your first vibe (or 2nd) I highly recommend getting yourself a
Pocket Rocket.  You can’t go wrong.

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