Touch Shaft as a Pelvic Toner – Joanna Cake

The Touch Shaft Vibrator available from Ann Summers is part of the “Touch sex toy collection,” featuring touch-sensitive technology that changes vibration intensity depending on how you use it.

Here is a little of what Joanna Cake has to say concerning how the Touch Shaft Vibrator may be used as a toner:
“The thing about the touch is that it has three bands running across the length of its shaft at evenly spaced intervals. These bands are touch-sensitive so if you touch the lowest band with your fingers as you’re inserting the shaft, it starts to buzz. But just depressing the on switch in the base will produce a token buzz to show it’s on but no more. It’s up to you to activate your toy with your internal muscles.”

Also said by Joanna in her review:
“I have to say that it is an extremely entertaining method of going through your Kegel exercises. Squeezing the elevator up to the top floor and holding it there whilst trying to retain the pressure on that top fast band of vibrations.”

Read the full review here.

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