Lube Shooter – True Pleasures

The Lube Shooter® is a semi disposable personal lube applicator that works just like a hypodermic syringe allowing the user to get lubricant where they wish without a mess.

Here is a little bit of what True Pleasures has to say about using the Lube Shooter from her review:
“Lubricating my insides first makes it much easier to insert toys rather than putting lube on the toy and inserting. Plus, it makes anal much safer. Since the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, minor tears can happen and cause infection if it isn’t properly lubricated. The more effectively you use lube in that region, the less likely it is for the tears to develop. However, always take anal penetration carefully.”

True Pleasures also found a few other fun uses for the Lube Shooter:
“It’s interesting to pour jello in, let it set up in the fridge and then squeeze it out into little scriggles on my tongue. I’m just weird, okay?”

Read the full review here.

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