Jennifer – Certified Real

Jennifer is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Jennifer began doing sex toy reviews earlier this year, shortly after having her son.
As she puts it:
“After having my son, my partner and I’s schedules were hectic and time for intimacy between us has been rare. I’ve since started a mass interest in sex
toys for both him and I, and because of that, we’ve had loads of fun
spicing up our sex life with them as well as enjoying them on our own!”

Jennifer says she enjoys sharing things and started doing reviews with the goals of educating herself more, helping others, and showing off the really great products.

This is how Jennifer describes her review style:
“My reviews are to the point and I don’t make an effort to be flowery,
only as straight-forward as possible. If I don’t like something, then
I’ll say so (without being rude, of course). If I do like something, I
make sure to explain why I like it so much, and make suggestions based
on my experiences with any product. As a bi-sexual female (with an
open-minded partner), we explore with a wide range of products and
always make the effort to give the most informative reviews we can.”

Besides reviews, Jennifer likes to promote sites from her blog Fantasy Treasures which she feels give good information about toys, sex, and sexual health.

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