Try Me 12pack Condoms – Serafina Brightside

The Try Me 12-pack Condom Gift Set consists of twelve lubricated latex condoms individually packaged in boxes illustrating a different male plus female sexual position. So as to  make this product more interesting when you receive the condom gift set there is a website URL included inviting you to go online and rate the degree of difficulty of the positions, and share your stories.

Here is a quote from Serafina’s review about these condoms:
“A condom that no couple should live through life without trying at the very least. My husband loves the way they feel, I love the way they feel, and combined with our Liberator Wedge, they make an awesome accessory. And no, I’m not just going on and on about them because I want to portray them as great. I mean it. These are great. Five stars. Terrific.”

Read the full review here.

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