True Pleasures – Certified Real

True Pleasures is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

True Pleasures began her reviewing  after  getting fed up searching for sex toys.
She felt  that sleazy packaging and questionable materials dominated the market, and she  didn’t really have any idea what she was was getting herself into.
She found that very few companies had the amount of information she was looking for.
As she educated herself she thought she should share the wealth of knowledge. Surely there were others who were in the same boat as she had been when she started looking for sex toys.

True Pleasures says she is a natural born nympho and has been messing with her naughty bits since really early childhood.
With a  high libido, concern for health, and knack for writing she supposes  it’s only natural that she ended up as a sex toy reviewer/sex blogger.

Aside from hosting her reviews, True Pleasures Blog is her journal. She likes to keep detailed accounts of sex escapades and even tries to work out her relationship problems.

She says:
“You’ll have to pardon the drama, but writing out my problems is the only way I can get my thoughts organized enough to work them out in real life. It’s also furry/tentacle geek central. I’m weird and I love to share.”

As for describing her review style she says:
“My reviews are primarily to educate. My main goal with writing reviews is to keep the public informed and to keep the manufacturers in line. However, with my strange sense of humor and the antics with my husband, they can turn out to be another form of entertainment. I spare no details, which makes the reviews quite long sometimes.”

If you are wishing to keep updated on True Pleasures you can do so with tweets via  True Pleasures on Twitter, connecting with True Pleasures via Facebook, and following True Pleasures on Tumblr.

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