The Tantus Mark – Dr. Ruthie

The Tantus Mark is realistic, average-sized, silicone dildo designed with a firm inner core and softer outer layer featuring a harness-able base and availability in three skin-tone shades.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Ruthie’s review of the Tantus Mark:
“The Mark is made from two layers of silicone: a hard silicone inside, and softer, more flexible silicone outside. This gives it a surprisingly realistic feel, and the carefully detailed outside (complete with veins and faux urethral opening) match the texture with lifelike visuals.”

Dr. Ruthie also mentions in her review of the Mark:
“The only downside that you might find with the Mark is if you’re looking for a realistic harness-compatible dildo that also has a realistic scrotum and testicles, since Mark lacks these attributes.”

Read the full review (with video) here.

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