Splendwhore – Certified Real

Splendwhore  is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Splendwhore began writing reviews shortly after her BF started browsing adult retailers online.
She says that they were a young lesbian couple at the time, looking for new and interesting ways to have sex.
That was before she knew that her BF was FTM Transgendered.
Splendwhore remembers sifting through pages upon pages of harnesses and realistic dildos, and the excitement she felt at the prospect of having her lover well and truly fuck her.
She had never owned a sex toy before, and I found herself enamored with all of the possibilities laid out before her. Curiosity drew her in, and a desire to own the best the industry had to offer kept her coming back for more.

Splendwhore’s site Tales from the ToiBox is primarily a site for reviews, but she does throw in random exploits and tidbits about her life from time to time. Splendwhore enjoys learning new things, and sharing the findings with her readers.

Splendwhore says about sex toys and her role as a sex toy reviewer:
“Every new toy is an adventure, every review a chance to learn
something new. Even the crummiest product has the ability to teach us
something about our bodies and preferences, or inspire innovation and
change in the industry. The companies are here to serve the consumer,
not the other way around, and consumers have a surprising amount of
say in this day and age. I love knowing that my thoughts or opinions
may shape, influence, and mold the products of tomorrow. It’s an
awesome feeling!”

If you are wishing to keep updated on Splendwhore you can do so with tweets via Splendwhore on Twitter, connecting with Splendwhore via Facebook or Formspring, and following Splendwhore’s Tumblr.

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