Risque Rollers Dice – Pocket RockettZ

The Risque Rollers Dice are a set of sex play dice with commands to tickle, kiss, lick, suck, stroke or blow on the face, lips, back, chest, inner thighs and penis or clitoris.

Her is a snippet from Pocket RockettZ review of the Risque Rollers Dice:
“These dice I think are made for up to 4 people.
Basically you have 4 colored dice with body parts on them and one dice with an action.
Since we had 8 people we double up as teams and took turns rolling.
I think having teams made us braver , but in the beginning I was the biggest wussy.
That didn’t last long though because we had a rule that if you wussed you had to shoot a duck fart.”

Read the full review here.

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