Pocket RockettZ – Certified Real

Pocket RockettZ is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Though Pocket RockettZ is not new to doing product reviews she only got interested in reviewing sex toys and other adult themed products in January of 2011.
Her self tittled blog “Pocket RockettZ” is a place to talk about things she finds interesting.
(Primarily – music, fashion, beauty products, movies, and sex)
About her sex toy reviews she says:
“They aren’t really reviews per se, they are more like me telling people about the toys I think are cool. If I don’t like something I won’t even mention it.”

She claims her review style is “real talk” instead of  “artificial intelligence” type descriptions  that most of her friends don’t care at all about.
“I talk about things on my blog the way I would with my friends. They don’t care about the chemical compounds of the plastics a vibe may be made with, or the specific dimensions down to fractions of a centimeter. They just want to know the basics like if it’s hard or soft, and how it works.”

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