Mia Martina – Certified Real

Mia Martina is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Mia began reviewing sex toys a short while after Adam & Eve became a sponsor for her podcast ‘I Want Your Sex’ in 2009.
She claims her primary purpose in reviewing is to give honest feedback about toys and movies.
“I try and not totally diss a product, but I do express what is lacking or not entirely working.”

Mia Martina’s podcast – I Want Your Sex – is told in the form of serialized short stories about her adventures at sex parties, her experiences with open relationships, and her tales of modern urban sexuality – all recorded in the voice of the author.

I Want Your Sex – A sex and relationship podcast by Mia Martina + her real sex toy reviews may be found at miaontop.com

Mia also produces a monthly reading series about sex, sensuality, and the
steamy side of life in Austin, TX.
BedPost Confessions – Salacious stories & enticing entertainment.
The show can also be found in podcast form on iTunes.

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