Liberator Heart Wedge – Dr. Ruthie

Liberator Heart Wedge is a sexual positioning aid that doubles as a decorative pillow. The manufacturer  ( Liberator® ) claims the  incline allows for deeper penetration and G-spot positioning during lovemaking.

Dr. Ruthie says this about the Liberator Heart Wedge in her review:
“For most people, the Liberator brand name brings to mind big sex-positioning cushions on which a person can fit most or all of their body. But they’ve begun branching into smaller, more travel-friendly positioning pillows, of which their Heart Wedge is an excellent example. The Heart Wedge is, unsurprisingly, a cute heart shape, with the point end lower to the ground and the rounded ends about 7″ high. It’s 13″ x 19″ at its widest points, so it’s just big enough to fit under someone’s butt and hips, and wouldn’t look out of place on a couch or a bed as an accent pillow.”

Read the full review and watch the video here.

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