Dr. Ruthie – Certified Real

Dr. Ruth Neustifter (Dr. Ruthie) is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Dr. Ruthie started doing sex toy reviews 3 years ago when she was a doctoral student and has continued with them as part of her work as a sex educator.

Dr. Ruthie says she is dedicated to spreading sex-positive information, advocacy and community building to all adults. Her site ‘Exploring Intimacy’ covers all aspects of of sexuality, intimacy, education, and offers great relationship advice.

Dr. Ruth Neustifter is a recognized relationship expert specializing in sexual communication and education as well as recovery from intimate partner violence. She works with a diverse range of individuals and relationships, conducts original research, offers workshops, and is available for professional consultation.
She holds a doctoral degree in Child & Family Development with specializations in Couples and Family Therapy and Qualitative Research.

Besides Dr. Ruthie’s main site, you can subscribe to ExploringIntimacy’s YouTube Channel Dr. Ruthie’s Sex Info, follow her tweets via Twitter &  find her on Facebook.

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