Décor Whirl – True Pleasures

The Décor Whirl® is a  comfortable yet supportive bolster pillow available in six colors and two sizes  from the Liberator® Home Collection.

About the firmness of the Décor Whirl True Pleasures says:
“The Décor Whirl is pretty firm and doesn’t squish much under my weight (96lbs). It does, however, tend to get squished by my 203lb hubby.”

On the topic of sex positions while utilizing the Décor Whirl True Pleasures says:
“I’ve found, for us, the Décor Whirl is best for doggy style.”

True Pleasures then gives a couple of examples:

  • Keeping it perpendicular under my upper body produces a nice rolling motion. That seems to make it a little easier for hubby. He can just pull and push me instead of thrusting.
  • Using the Décor Whirl parallel underneath my body also works nicely. It’s good to hug/hold on to and it keeps my legs opened without any effort.”

Read the full review here.

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