Day Dreamers Hope – Pocket RockettZ

The Day Dreamers™ – Hope vibrator
A small lavender vibrator  made by California Exotic Novelties®

Pocket RockettZ says:
“Vibrations travel sweetly through the Hope vibe and don’t over buzz your hand.
It isn’t a power horse, but I wouldn’t say it is lacking either.
Twist the round knob on the end to adjust speed and you’re in business.
Unlike many small vibes the speed control on this is very smooth.”

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One Response to Day Dreamers Hope – Pocket RockettZ

  1. This little vibrator is just wonderful. The vibrations are smooth, and strong enough for a woman who has difficulty climaxing. The vibration control wheel offers an array of different level stimulation that wasn’t expected. I love the feel, soft yet just the perfect firmness for manual clitoral stimulation. I’ll use this alone, or with other toys. For the price, it’s my favorite addition to my little toy collection and I would definitely recommend it.