All submitted reviews from March and April 2011

All submitted reviews from March and April 2011 (The Big List)

One of our biggest goals here at Real Sex Toy Reviews is to put a spotlight on the sex toy reviewers who take the time to actually check out the toys they review and give real opinions about the products.
As with all new projects we ran into a few issues out of the gate, and rather than let them build we decided to completely overhaul our site and indexing structure. Real Sex Toy Reviews is now much easier to navigate and search so you can find reviews on the products you are really interested in.
April was our first full month online and March was a partial month.
In that time we have gotten many a great review sent to us by some fabulous sex toy reviewers.

Check them out and enjoy!

The Real Sex Toy Reviews List for March and April

On with the reviews…

Vibrators – We had an amazing amount of vibrator reviews submitted. No matter your taste in vibrating toys you are sure to find something of interest in this list.

The New Lelo Mia Vibrator – Joanna Cake

IN2U – Bliss Bullet Vibrator – Joanna Cake

Flirty G Vibrator – Pocket RockettZ

Love Bunnies – Splendwhore

Mini Mistress Massager – Mia Martina

Evolved Seduction – Mia Martina

Little secret spoon – Dusk

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator – Pocket RockettZ

The Fun Factory Yooo – True Pleasures

Fairy Mini Wand Massager – Serafina Brightside

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator – Pocket RockettZ

Bzzz Buddies Shivers – Inferno

Je Joue MiMi – Dr. Ruthie

Squiggle Vibrator – Lithaewyn

Personal Pleasurizer – Serafina Brightside

Frisky from the Bzzz Buddies – Kitty Stryker

Masseur Clitoral Vibrator – Serafina Brightside

Lil teaser pixie – Lithaewyn

Symphony Massager – Mia Martina

Bzzz Buddies Frisky – Inferno

Silicone Rose Vibrator – Pocket RockettZ

Vanity Jopen Vr9 Review – Mistress Kay

Love Bunnies – True Pleasures

OhMiBod Club Vibe – Splendwhore

I-Vibe Pocket Rocket – Mia Martina

Day Dreamers Hope – Pocket RockettZ

Jopen Vanity Vr1 – Mistress Kay

Touch Shaft Vibrator – Joanna Cake

Vanity Vr10 – True Pleasures

Games – Just 2 sexy games listed this time.

Risque Rollers Dice – Pocket RockettZ

XXXopoly – Mistress Kay

Dildos – A great selection of dildos are represented in these reviews. Large and small, glass, realistic, stone, silicone…

VixSkin Lonestar – True Pleasures

Tantus Hank – Mistress Kay

The Laid Stone Dildo – True Pleasures

Lelo Ella – Serafina Brightside

The Tantus Mark – Dr. Ruthie

The Karabos – True Pleasures

Butterfly Dichroic – Mistress Kay

Kink & BDSM – Just one?

Kinklab Padded Leather Blindfold – Dusk

Toys For Cocks– Strokers and cockrings.

Grip-N-Stroke – Mia Martina

Euphoric Vibrating Cock Ring – Joanna Cake

The Incognito Smoke Ring – Inferno

Safer Sex Products – 3 reviews and all about condoms.

Try Me 12pack Condoms – Serafina Brightside

Condoms for a Cause – Serafina Brightside

Sir Richard’s X Large Condoms – Kitty Stryker

Lotions and Oils  – Just two in this category.

TRUST Natural Oil – Bean Fiddler

Revitalizing Breast Exam Cream – True Pleasures

Sensual Kits – Multi pack sex fun.

Burning Desire Set – Mistress Kay

Heads Up Kit – Inferno

Books – Read up and learn. Just two books listed.

The Ulitmate Guide To Anal Sex For Women – Miranda

Guide to Red Hot Sex – Mistress Kay

Miscellaneous – All kinds of stuff to spice up your sex life.

Liberator Pulse – True Pleasures

Thigh Harness – Dr. Ruthie

Décor Stashe Pillow – Splendwhore

Décor Whirl – True Pleasures

Babeland Fresh Wipes – Pocket RockettZ

Fascinator Leopard Throe – True Pleasures

Liberator Heart Wedge – Dr. Ruthie

Ting Ting Head Tuner – True Pleasures

Lubes – Not only did we get a bunch of lube reviews submitted, but for the most part they are all great lubes too!

Babelube Natural – True Pleasures

Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate – Dusk

Please Cream Lube – Pocket RockettZ

Sliquid Sea Lubricant – True Pleasures

Natural Moisturizing Lube – True Pleasures

Sliquid Sea Lubricant – Serafina Brightside

Sliquid Swirls Strawberry Pomegranate – Dr. Ruthie

Sliquid Sea Natural Lubricant – Lithaewyn

Encounter Lasting Lubricant – True Pleasures

Lingerie – Dress up for sexy fun.

Black Bandage Corsets – Joanna Cake

Candy Stripe Hold Ups – Joanna Cake

Zebra Pink Lace Teddy – True Pleasures

Heart Nipple Tassels – Joanna Cake

Blue Indulgence Basque – Joanna Cake

Shimapan Panty & Top set – True Pleasures

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A big thank you for all the sex toy reviewers and educators who have submitted reviews and helped spread the word about our project during our first few weeks.

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