An image can make your review really stand out.
If you wish to submit images please read All of what is below.

Image submit is only open for certified and participating reviewers.

Images must be original (as always) and must show the product well.

The image can not be a duplicate of one you used in your review.
It can be similar - just not a duplicate.

Images that are too cluttered, or do not show the product well wont be used.

Your images can NOT have any text of any sort on them.

We will add our own text if we decide to include the image.

Here is an example of how this will be done:

original as it should be sent
Original image (Simple+No text+Shows product well)

After we re-size and add text
Image after we have re-sized it and added text.
(Yes - we will make it a small image.)

Not all images submitted with a review will be used.

We may or may not use them depending on how well it displays the product,
if we think it adds something to the listing, and if we have the time.

If your image is used it will be linked directly to the review of your product on your site.
We will not link the image to your main page as we have decided doing so could be misleading to the reader.

Please only submit images in JPG/JPEG format.

If you have questions about any of this please don't hesitate to ask.
email us
Head on back to the submit form.

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