Manufacturers and resellers can provide great images to help with your reviews.
Most reviewers use them, and that is great.
If however those are the only types of images you use then we will not accept your review.

For this example we are using a silver slimline vibe because it is common.
Images on the left are manufacturer and reseller style images.
Images on the right are from us.

The 1st example is what we don't wish to see as the only type of images with your review. - Anyone can write a review and claim to have checked out the product using images like these.
Many people do.
The 2nd example is what we do hope to see a bit of in your review. - Having exclusive images to your review shows you actually had the item to review.
Many of you may sometimes use your own images and at other times use images provided from the company your are reviewing for. Please only submit the reviews you do that have at least one original photo.

what we are not wanting to see as your only images

what we would like to see
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